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Portuguese Nationality

The information presented here is a summary of the basic rules determining who is entitled to be attributed the Portuguese Nationality or who can acquire Portuguese Nationality, in accordance to Portuguese Nationality Law 37/81, of 3rd of October and the relevant revisions of that law and all additional legislation on the subject.

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Nationality of Portuguese Ex-Colonies

- DECREE LAW No. 308-A/75 OF 24 JUNE

Whereas the Law n. ° 2098 of 29 July 1959, governs the allocation, acquisition, loss and reacquisition of Portuguese nationality;

Whereas access to the independence of the overseas territories under Portuguese administration, as a result of the ongoing process of decolonization, create comes as salient fact, the acquisition of new nationality by individuals who, up to that date, had Portuguese nationality;

Whereas it is convenient to grant or permit the retention of Portuguese nationality in cases where a special relationship or connection with Portugal unequivocal expression of will that effect such warrants;
Retain nationality domiciled in the following Portuguese overseas territory become independent:

a) Those born in mainland Portugal and the islands adjacent;

b) Until the independence of their territory, they even born in overseas territory under Portuguese administration;

c) The nationalized;

d) Those born abroad of a parent born in Portugal and the islands adjacent or naturalized, as well as to the independence of their territory, those whose father or mother were born in overseas territory still under Portuguese administration;

e) Those born in the ancient state of India declare that wish to retain Portuguese nationality;

f) A married woman or widow or divorced, the Portuguese referred to in the preceding paragraphs of this and the minor children.

The remaining descendants to the third degree of the Portuguese referred to in points a), c), d), part e) above also retain Portuguese nationality unless, within two years from the date of independence , declare itself, being over or emancipated, or their legal representatives, being unable, do not want to be Portuguese.

Also retain Portuguese nationality the following individuals:

a) Those born in overseas territory became independent they were domiciled in Portugal mainland or adjacent islands for more than five years on April 25, 1974;

b) The wife and minor children of the individuals referred to in the previous paragraph.

d) The individuals referred to in the preceding paragraph may elect, within two years from the date of independence, the new nationality they may be assigned.

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