Portuguese Nationality

Portuguese Citizenship

Portuguese Nationality

The information presented here is a summary of the basic rules determining who is entitled to be attributed the Portuguese Nationality / Portuguese Citizenship or who can acquire Portuguese Nationality, in accordance to Portuguese Nationality Law 37/81, of 3rd of October and the relevant revisions of that law and all additional legislation on the subject.

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Portuguese Nationality for Goans

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- Marriage transcription

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- Death transcription

Document Search

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Portuguese Nationality Information

Born in the old Portuguese Colonies in Africa


Regulated by Decree-Law of 24 June 308-A/75. Some Portuguese citizens born in the former African colonies who acceded to independence in 1975 lost Portuguese nationality at the time of independence.
However, each case must be examined, since not everyone lost Portuguese nationality.

Portuguese Nationality - East Timor and Macau


Citizens born in Portuguese Timor until independence can ask for Portuguese nationality / proteges citizenship and also from Macau during the Portuguese administration.

Special Cases


Are eligible:

- The Portuguese that in the validity of previous laws lost the Portuguese nationality by acquiring another nationality.
- The Portuguese women who married foreigners, having lost Portuguese nationality.
- Foreign women who married Portuguese citizens, before the entry into force of the current Nationality Law.

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Portuguese nationality related law


According to SEF at 01-03-2013

portuguese nationality Portaria 1403-A/2006, de 15 de Dezembro
Portuguese language knowledge.

portuguese nationality DL n.o 237-A/2006, de 14 de Dezembro
Portuguese nationality regulation.

portuguese nationality Lei Orgânica n.º 2/2006, de 17 de Abril
Fourth change to - Lei n.º 37/81, de 3 de Outubro.

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